Postal Office offers different services to facilitate the tranpsort of mail, small packages and parcels to destionations within the country and around the world.


Sending ordinary Letter:

Up to 2kgs can be send as ordinary letters for personal and business items and documents

  • Categories:

    • Printed Paper

    • Small Packets

    • Aerogramme

    • Postcards

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Sending Parcel:

More than 2kgs items can be send via airmail or sea internationally as a parcel for only personal items, commercial items or gift which shall not fall within the list of prohibited items.

Parcel post features:

  • Minimum weight limit is 2kgs

  • Maximum weight limit is 20kgs

  • Special identification number is allocated for Track and Trace

  • Compensation covers damage or loss up to $60.00

  • Proof that the item was posted will be obtained

  • Written proof of Delivery was provided upon delivery of item

  • Customs declaration forms need to be filled

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Using Express Mail Service (EMS):

International postal for documents and merchandise offered by postal operators of the Universal Postal Union (UPU)


  • Able to track your time from postage to destination

  • A unique identification number provided

  • Fastest and Safest means of sending your documents and merchandise of up to 30kg (Air Freight)

  • Proof that the posted item will be obtained

  • A signature is collected at delivery OR written Proof of Delivery (WPOD) was provided

  • Customers have to physically present themselves to customs to clear their packages if required by customs

  • Most cost effective courier service in the market

  • Compensation up to $60.00 for damage or lost

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Sending/Receiving Domestic Money (TELMO)

This is Service is used for local money transfer within Kiribati without the need of bank account.

  • Overall process takes less than 24 hours and the recipient can collect his/her money at the destination post office by showing his/her identification card.

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