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Seasonal Worker Program

New Zealand Employers

Government Job Vacancies


1. Labour Market Information & Marketing(LMIM)

  • Deals with data on labour mobility: Labour supply

  • Screen candidate's application forms for job vacancies

  • Job markets for region and international

  • Deals with national employment registration

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2. Employment Unit

  • Supplying workers from work-ready pool according to Employer's preference

  • Provide pre-departure training to workers

  • Preparation and Travel logistics

  • Regular communication with workers on the field for motivation purposes

  • Developing good connection with existing Employers

  • De-briefing/One on One interview with workers upon return

  • Domestic Awareness on RSE linkage and SWP linkage related to Island Councils and Public

  • Seeking more employers abroad through marketing activities

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3. Occupational Health and Safety

  • Occupational Health and Safety Unit is a brand new section within the Ministry of Employment and Human Resources established in the year 2016 and which administrate and ensure implementation and compliance to the Kiribati Occupational Health and Safety Act 2015; An Act to promote and and improve standards for the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare

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4. Work Relation unit

  • Ratification and implementation of relevant ILO conventions

  • Kiribati reporting obligations on ILO conventions

  • Enforcement of Labour Laws through labour inspection

  • Handling Trade Disputes

  • Registration and compliance of Employer Organisations and Trade Unions

  • Issue 'license to recruit' and monitor compliance of Recruiting Agencies

  • Secretariat to the Tripartite Decent Work Advisory Board which is the advisory body on all labour related matters.

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5. Kiribati Institute of Technology (KIT)

Kiribati Institute of Technology provides vocational training delivered to endorsed Australian and Pacific standards for local as well as Overseas employment.


6. Marine Training Center (MTC)

MTC provides training for the country’s seafarers and fishermen for national & international employment